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Adjusting Parameters Problem

Post here with any questions you have regarding theuse of the i2 on supported Ford applications.

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Post Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:45 am

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I have an Intune i1000 and am using it on a 2014 F150 Ecoboost. Whenever I try to adjust any parameters the odometer goes blank and the PCM will not respond. I have to then restore the vehicle and load a tune back on again. The same thing happens when changing from one tune to another, yesterday the pcm actually went blank while I was driving and I had to pull over. I am about ready to sell the Intune but wanted to see if I could get some help first.

Post Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:11 pm

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the pcm cant go blank while you are driving, what exactly happens here?
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