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Post here with any questions you have regarding theuse of the i2 on supported Ford applications.

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Post Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:16 pm

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I have been trolling the forums for a couple of days, trying to find the answer to my question.

Why is the VID not enabled on the Intune I3 for Ford so we can change our tire size?

I posted a request for the correct tune for my truck, but requests like this would not have to be made if the product that claims to be able to do this. Would actually be able to do it correctly right from the get go.

I mean c'mon guys, you have a quality product here and obviously you sell a crap ton of them. So how could something like this happen? Please correct this issue, I have other vehicles that need to be tuned and I would really like to do this with your product without having to send you all my vehicles information just to have you send me a "fix"


Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:13 pm

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Theres a seperate switch for the VID block that you have to disable as well.
if we disabled it by default it would use the info in the vid and it doesnt always match the calibration.
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Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:23 pm

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Hey Mike,

I just walked through, my tuner with one of your guys over the phone. They have had me send my files directly to them to see what is going on. Apparently, that switch your talking about only shows up on some models and it does not for mine. So your guys are working on it for me as I am typing this out to you.


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