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I2 won’t load tunes to truck after restoring stock tune

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I got a new revised tune from lew. So I return the truck to stock. All good even went for a ride and seen the v4 light up so I know it returned to stock correctly as I have that turned off normally. Go back in download tune from lew to computer copy and paste into the main I2 folder and back out to the truck. Get fired up go to advance tune section pick custom tune my file is there select it and pick yes correct tune and then it does nothing from there? So I backup and try picking a canned tune like 87 click yes and it does nothing as well? Good thing truck is got stock tune file in it and no problems. Bad thing can’t tune. So I go in and see if it needs updating haven’t done that in awhile. In main folders there is updated in windows I do the updates then decide to recheck after unplugging it as sometimes it will find another update except this time update in windows is gone. So I do some reading and you have to install ignition program and do it this way. So once downloaded and follow the screen messages there is 4 updates I let it do it’s thing and reboot unplug it try it again this time 1 update found so I do it but at this point I haven’t tried it on my truck which is a 2016 GMC Sierra 5.3 with 8 speed. It was late and I didn’t need my truck not starting etc.. It never said the tool needed to be updated or need an update.
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It’s like the intune is stuck? It allows me to pick tunes just goes no further. And I never had a problem with the tuner before.

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So I called in they reset the intune and said looks like tuner is up to date and still same thing. Hook it up click yes turn key to on position, go to advance tune pick 87 it ask if you want to load this tune click yes and than nothing. :cry:

So update big thanks to mike. I phoned in again and went through the menu hooked to my truck and it was ME. LOL
When I was picking the tune I thought it was going back to the menu but you have to select it again to pick the TCM tune or to skip it they apply. In my defense that menu has changed so beware. Lol but everything works fine like it always has. Thanks again.

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good deal, thanks for being patient.
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