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How do I know it's tuned?

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Post Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:00 pm

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So I was able to update the tuner finally. I have an 18 Silverado with a 6.2 and 8 speed trans. So Lew said I have to choose the Diablo tune. I also want to get rid of the top speed governor. So, I have to go to the advanced selection (not the "easy tune") for the diablo tune. I go to advanced tune and choose diablo tune. Then asks me if I want to install diablo tune, I say yes and voila, diablo tune is installed and tuner tells me I can disconnect tuner and enjoy. I never got a chance to tune speed limiter out. So I choose reboot. I go to menu and I can see an asterisk (*) next to diablo tune. So I then choose modify stock tune and eliminate speed limiter, and that's all it let me do. I wasn't sure I still had the diablo tune installed. I then have to retune. So select reboot again to go and see if in had diablo tune installed, and there was no * next to diablo tune this time. So i select diablo tune and retune. Go to check and no * next to modify stock tune. So I click on modify stock tune and it tells me parameters have been changed in stock tune do I want to reset. I choose no, assuming my change is still tuned in, but it retunes truck again. So I finally unplug tuner after who knows how many tunes. I took it out to drive after, but roads are dampish so I couldn't really get on it. I did get it up past 98 mph, so I know that's tuned. I can only assume the diablo tune is still installed. Never does the tuner display what I have installed. I can't seem to install speed governor eliminator and diablo tune at same time. Gives me sensation I can do one or the other. It's not very intuitive to me.

On a good side note, the i3 tuned very quickly.

Post Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:05 pm

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if you chose modify stock tune, then you just made changes to the stock gm tune and installed that... you did not make changes to the Diablo Tune..

in Advanced Mode, you'd need to select the Diablo Tune.. then it should ask you if you want to Modify the tune, select yes (green checkmark), then you get into the modify tune menu, so make the changes you want.. then exit out, and install/apply tune.. that will install the Diablo Tune with whatever changes you made.
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