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Diablo I3 conflicts with aftermarket Radio 06 C6 Vette

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I have purchased a Diablo I3 Platinum. I viewed some videos on Youtube that indicated that if you have aftermarket equipment ( ie, Radio)--You must completely disconnect the radio (not just remove the fuse) in order to prevent "conflicts" with the PCM while loading the Diablo programs. Is this true? It's a "big" job to get into the dash to completely disconnect radio to prevent this problem--especially everytime you want to enter/change the Diablo programs.

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this is not an issue on C6.
More specific to 99-06 trucks and early C5/F-body applications.
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Thanks for the information. I know its quite common to"upgrade" earlier C6 Vettes with better radios and that if this was a problem, surely it would have be rectified. Thanks again and I look forward to installing the Diablo I3 program on my car.

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i pulled radio and amp fuses with no problem.
i also pulled relays for lights since I have all leds. never had to pull a bulb or the stereo.

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