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Can HP tune be downloaded to a diablo intune?

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I had a Diablo tune through my Intune i3 on my 2015 Chevy Camaro. The DS was then unmarried from my car in order to put on an HP tune. The car now has the HP Tune. My question is this. Can I now attach my intune a marry it to my car again? If so, will it read the HP Tune as a factory tune? I'm basically just wanting a backup of the HPtune in my DS. That's first. Second, if in fact I can backup the HP Tune as a factory when marrying the DS back to my car, will I be able to alter the HP tune and if I don't like the new tune , return to factory (which would be the HPtune now)?

Hope you understand my question.

The DS is not married to my car anymore so it is back to factory.

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a lot more parameters/settings can be adjusted via hptuners than what the diablosport is mapped out to read/program... so it will not be able to read/save every change that has been made by the hptuners software tune...

whatever it CAN read, yes it would save as the "original backup"...

and of course, as long as the hptuners tune was not locked by the tuner... if it was, then nothing can read it...
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