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I recently purchased a Predator 2 for my 2011 F350 Lariat FX4 CC. With the affordable pricing, and being a near rookie to the tuning world, it seemed a really decent choice.

The only other experience I had with a tuner was a few years back I had ordered a tuner from DiabloSport for a customer's 2004 Mustang GT. Before loading the tune to his car, I loaded a tune for my truck in there onto my 6.0 powerstroke. I was incredibly amazed at how much power the thing made with the tune profiles but was really terrified of keeping any tune in there in the future because the transmission tune file was terrible. Utterly terrible. Shifted hard, irrattic shifting, missed down-shifts, etc.

Fast forward to now. I just did a cross country tow of 2100 miles from So-Cal to Michigan. For the first jaunt through the Rocky Mountains I had installed the Tow Tune on an otherwise completely stock truck. I was hoping to see better power and perhaps a pickup in mpg or at least stable mpg. I was disappointed to say the least. The power felt like I added a cold air intake. I have owned the truck for 3 years and drive about 20k miles a year. I know this truck well. I know the power it makes, how it shifts, when it shifts, how to shift with the throttle, shift points, etc. I pulled the load from storage to my house about 70 miles without the tune on and it hauled great, just like always. Before I left in the morning of my trip I loaded the Tow Tune on my truck with Mild transmission tune, and the only other change was to the TPMS system for setting front air pressures.

Note: the description states the tuner comes with 4 modes to tune your vehicle with; Economy, Tow Performance, Light Tow Performance, and Performance. However, my tuner only has 3 modes to choose from; Tow Tune, Economy Tune, and Performance Tune.

I was really disappointed in the performance aspect. For one, the website advertises power gains from 97-157 hp and torque gains varying from 117-180 ft-lbs. With a base of 400 hp, that should put this truck in the Tow Tune (I'm going to assume Tow Performance here) of 517 hp and 917 ft-lbs of torque. That is a pretty significant increase in power, as stated. Except there was no difference in engine power to be felt. I even detached my trailer and still felt very little difference in power. What I did feel was transmission shifting changed that would create a feeling of increased performance via TCC apply variations, shift pressures and points changed, etc. Except when I stood on the accelerator pedal the transmission started shifting very weird, much like when I tuned my 6.0 a few years back.

I could write on and on about the other 2 tunes but it's the same story. :punisher:

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Can you provide the serial number from your device so we can look into this a bit further?
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