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Post Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:56 am

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For the past 2 week, I have been reading post on programmers and chips for my 99 F150 4.6. I have been kinda skeptical about the whole programer-Chip thing do to the amount of money they cost and the claim of no difference in performance. Well my A D D kicked in. I decided I was going to buy one the next day I asked one of the guys on here that knows quite a bit about the Ford trucks, what he was running and if he liked it or not. He said he was using the Diablo Sport predator and loved it. Well thats all it took. Next morning I ordered it.
It got here this evening. Took about 15 mins to load for the first time. I just set it on its basic performance program, For a stock F150 4.6. I am amazed. This programmer made my truck Shifts very crisp,Throttle response is amazing,You can feel the power gains with no doubt. I have no clue what the mileage is going to do. Sure it will be much better then before I got this. I'm sure that there is many other great programers and chips out. But this is my first and I am very pleased with it. Just wanted to post up my experience with this,so anyone like I looking for a good programmer can put this on there list.
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Post Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:47 pm

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Awesome feedback, glad to hear you are enjoying it :)
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