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So I ordered my first predator 2 platinum from CAR ID and the tuner would not recognize the car being in the on position, so i called customer service went through all the steps and still no. Okay whatever, so I get sent a new that came in today. I go to plug the thing in the computer and the USB port is so loose that I had to hold the cord in to get it to connect but that's besides the point. Get the tuner updated and low and behold same exact problem. Does anybody have a solution to my problem? I'm trying to be patient but I already had to drive a different car during the all out call out and now I'm still having the same problem. :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Unfortunately some 06 models are hit or miss based on their communication protocol.
I would suggest that the i3 tuner will work fine in this application.
Give us a call and we'll swap that P2 out for the i3 and get you going.

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Thank you sir, I was taken care of by customer service.

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