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Cold Air Intake flowing to much air for 3.0 ??

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Hey guys, since Friday was such a nice day, after I spent the morning putting my new Cobra Wheels on the Ranger, I still wanted to do some wrenching, so I splurged on a Cold Air Intake Kit.

1992 3.0 Automatic.

I installed it yesterday and the results were NOT GOOD !!!
She barely idled, stumbled, popped and fell all over itself till above 3k rpm and then smoothed out, but anything below 3k rpm and the same problems came back. I let her idle for about 10 minutes while I cleaned up my tools, thinking maybe the computer just needed to read new data for awhile before resolving itself.

Even after that and taking it for a blast down the street, the problems still existed and it was basically undriveable.

As soon as I went back to the more restrictive factory airbox and intake, all the problems went away instantly !

I never did get a check engine light or anything on the dash and Im now stumped.

I did the KN FPK Kit on my Dodge Ram 1500 318 4X4 and it ran beautifully as soon as I was done and havent touched it since.

I cant for the life of me come up with an answer other then to much airflow for the computer to compensate for.

My bother said he had the EXACT same problem with his '87 GT and wound up having to have his MAF recalibrated to the tune of $400.

Since Im planning on doing a V8 conversion sometime in the next 6 months, it really doesnt make any sense for me to spend that kind of cash on something Im only keeping in the truck for another few months.

And to answer ahead of time for the most likely question. Yes I checked and the relevent vaccuum lines and PCV line were correctly installed on the cold air intake. The ONLY thing that was actually permanently deleted was the single vaccuum hose, metal convulted hose and air box piece running to the exhaust manifold, and I DID NOT put them back on when I went back to the stock intake and airbox.

Any ideas ???

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