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TRINITY 2 (T2 EX) PLATINUM GM for 2.73 > 3.42 diff change

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Hello all,

I'm getting ready to do a 2.73 > 3.42 differential swap on my 2002 Corvette A4 base. It is currently running the 91 octane tune (always run 93 octane as that is what they have in my area) with no other adjustments. Car is stock other than cat back exhaust.

Can I make the programming changes needed for the 2.73 > 3.42 differential swap or are the parameters locked so only a custom tuner can do it? If I can do it what are the parameters that need changes and what are the changes?


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you can make them, and honestly most C5s as i recall do not even need any change in the tune as they measure speed after the diff.

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