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Post Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:50 am

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This is more of an appreciation note rather than a suggestion. I just need to tell you guys that I've had a GREAT experience with my i3 Platinum! As a gearhead, I am lucky to live in a world where more torque, horsepower, fuel economy, and easier towing are all, literally, at my fingertips! I bought my i3 Platinum about 2 months ago mainly for the custom tuning ability. Custom tunes sent in a zip file via email!? My O2 sensors aren't going to be throwing a fit with the new headers?! How is everyone not freaking amazed at this?! It seems that some here are only choosing to see what it doesn't do, while overlooking the awesome potential of what it CAN do. Sure there is a learning curve to it. But, that makes it even more fun! I get to learn something new that is actually going to help me make my favorite thing. Smoked tires with a side of giddy laughter! I know tech support would be there if needed. It was hard to be patient at first. I wanted everything at once. I wanted to crank every parameter to the max. And I played with fire a little but maxed out everything just is not the sweet spot. I'm not on "Street Outlaws" nor am I under the illusion I have the ability to tune as they do. Along with the custom Hemifever tune, I had installed long tubes, ported throttle body, and a CAI. So experiencing my truck with the mods and tune for the first time. Man. No words can describe the rush. Never have I had such a slap in the face from a power adder. In fact, I was used to not expecting much from performance parts but feeling it rev up to 6000 RPM's and it was still pulling so strong. I love that I can datalog and I'm educating myself before going too far down the "give it to me now" rabbit hole. Lots more good things to say but, I'm sure you hear from happy customers all the time. I feel like I bought a whole new truck and not just a programmer! Excited for when I'm able to get the stage 2 custom tune and new camshaft. Thanks again, Kristopher Brickey

Post Mon Apr 06, 2020 11:50 am

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Glad to hear it :)

It is crazy to think that you can spend $1000s of dollars on your car, and in the end its this $399 device that holds the key to making it all work together!
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