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2017 Raptor P2 does not support vehicle

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Post Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:02 am

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Ok so I swapped out the trinity I had for the P2 for the 2017 Raptor programming. Followed the instructions, downloaded the ignition software, updated the p2, took it out to my Raptor... plugged it up, started the stock down load, got to 99% looking good, then up pops the message the device needs update, resetting PCM... I unplug, take the tuner back into the house, plug it back into the PC, it starts to update... stops and gives me a message that the device does not support my vehicle. I will receive an e-mail from the engineers when the device tuning supports my vehicle... so, if the P2 supports the 2017 Raptor, why does it not work as identified in this thread... seems I am back to square one! Any suggestions Mike? At this point I am thoroughly confused and discussed. 5 star and bully dog has their tunes out and running... but I am in financially, and running in the red with Powerteq... why is it so damned hard to get a piece of equipment to operate as advertised from Powerteq? My trinity was used on my 2016 Ecoboost, and because an Edge tech (diablo and edge merged and are now under Holley performance group) did not know enough about the trinity, did a reset, without asking for assistance because he was over his head in Ogden, UT, while Diablosport was in Florida. He winged it... locked up the tuner, and my pcm... had to take it to Ford to re flash the PCM. which diablo payed for... but no lost time on my part for work! I had the 2016 exactly 2.5 months when a Raptor became available in January and immediately grabbed. So I inquired as to when the Raptor Tunes for the trinity were going to hit the street... told we are working on it, but it is a limited production vehicle, so the ETA was not for certain... possibly in the next couple months. Kept inquiring... then it was weeks away, but no firm ETA. So now we Raptor Owners are in Sept 17, I read the Predator 2 has been re-released with the 2017 Raptor tunes... so I swapped the trinity for the P2... got it on 8 Sep and the damn thing is not Raptor ready. Back to square one... went from the $600 trinity, to the $329.00 P2 with a trade credit I paid the difference and still sitting with a piece of equipment of lesser value, doing the same thing as the trinity! Nothing! I wish I could just get my money back in whole and move onto a company that has working tuners for the 2017 Raptors... and let's not forget the 2018s are on the way in the next few months... Ford kept the same engine and tranny for the 2018! I'm never going to finish this project at this pace! Sorry for the rant guys and gals, but enough is enough! D-Dub

Posts: 7
MikeL - do you need the S/N of the tool? I am hoping this is just a programming glitch! Hope y’all faired ok during and after the hurricane. I have family that was in the path in Florida.

The S/N is X00011200



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