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Add option to log hyperterminal data.

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Post Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:44 pm

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I know the trinity has the abiltiy to see alalog inputs, predator does not, its good marketing make more money, etc, etc. Good bussiness practice.

How about this for the predator! As you know probably know the biggest issue with us self tuners is getting the a/f ratio numbers. Most common is a serial input from a aem uego wideband using hypertermnal to see the data, problem is the numbers are all alone, making them pretty much useless. Sure I could spend a ~$100+ and get SSI, but that still doesnt put the data with my logged PID's.

Soooo, can you make an option on the DataViewer software to pull in / use the numbers being seen by hyperterminal. Basically it wouild just write those numbers to the log and show up on the screen with everything else. If you had to make it a $25 addon or some sort, I still think it would be super popular. I think this option would be seen as one of the greatest improvements done by diablosport for the predator.

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Why not tie the WB into an unused 0-5V sensor on the car and log it there??
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Sounds awesome! I'm going to see if I can't give this a try today!

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