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Help with 04 gto tuning

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Post Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:53 pm

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I have an 04 gto with headers, no cats, and spintech Catback, and k&n intake. I've got the old predator that cannot data log but I need some help tweaking my tune to try an get rid of knock retard. I am mainly getting it at wot which I know is not good. And I'm getting anywhere from 3-6 degrees of kr. I loaded the performace tune and have been playing with it. So far I've zeroed my ltft's but can't get rid of kr and need some help. These are my numbers so far.

Wot fuel 2-4k +2
Wot fuel 4-7k +5

Wot spark 2-4k 0
Wot spark 4-7k -2

Injector slope -12

Ltft -2 to 0
02's are around 930mv at wot.
Timing around 18* at wot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Post Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:31 pm

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very tough to make suggestions without any good data, upgrading that Predator or trading toward an inTune or Trinity woulds help a bunch.
Ideally you need a custom tune to make those headers perform 100%.

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