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2008 Escalade 6.2 "programming not supported "

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Predator u7194 v9r16
Attempts to load any tune/marry fail. Cannot backup factory tune either. Stabillitrak/abs /reduced power mode and cel come on
Code P606 or 607 comes on. Couldn't start car. Rebooted and was able to start engine and clear cel. Still on factory tune. Scared the hell out of me :)

Predator is unmarried serial# d00e04a
Hardware univ_rev2
Born date 6/24/10 15908
Previously worked on my c6 corvette . I Read somewhere after the fact on the forum, that fuses for xm and on star need to be pulled. Is this the culprit or should I get USB cable and update to newer revision
Thank you

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first, clear the codes, the car will be fine.
second, you got a super old tool there, you need to update it before you try to tune a newer vehicle :)

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Thanks I assumed that since the tool was born in 2010 my 2008 vehicle would be the limiting factor. Waiting on USB cable. Do I need to pull th on star and xm fuses on my next attempt?

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