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New to the "Diablosport Family" and Need Suggestions

Predator support for GM gas vehicles

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I have a 2004 Silverado Z71 ECSB Stepside in Sport Red. It, of course, has the ever-popular 5.3 that is 87,000 miles young with 3.73's...but that's not all. Besides running full synthetic, it sports an AEM Dryflow intake with a TransDapt Torque Curve throttle body spacer, Vararam Velocity Stack, and commands attention through a SI/DO Thrush Chambered muffler exiting through 3" angle-cut tips framing the trailer hitch. I've also cranked the torsion keys a touch and run 285/75/16 Yokohama Geolander AT for a more commanding stance.

I am a recent convert to the Predator (u7193), and I love it. I know that it's not the Trinity or the InTune, but I picked it up for a screaming deal and couldn't resist, especially considering I have been running a Superchips FlashPaq for the last few years and swore by it. Well, the Superchips is now in the box and the Predator is a staple in the truck.

Long story short, I am curious as to maximizing my experience with the Predator. The adjustment with the Predator is far superior to the old FlashPaq. Here is what I am looking for: more power, higher shift points, and firmer shifts (partial/WOT) all while doing it safely as this truck is a "daily driver". I'd also prefer to run the 87 Octane tune as to try and remain somewhat economically as well as fiscally responsible. What are some suggestions? I am all ears as I try to conquer a new monster. I have read through the forums religiously and finally decided to ask the experts.

Many of these settings are foreign to me as the FlashPaq has nowhere near the amount of adjustments (it does have the Speed/Distance logging aspect which takes the guesswork out of 0-60 and 1/4 mile times). I also know that I will need to log data and have already prepped by downloading software and studying documents. What I'm after is a crash course as to what each tuning aspect does, what a safe parameter for adjustment for each respective aspect is, and, as before, the best way to maximize my experience with the Predator.

Thank you in advance.

- Ron

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And to add to this...what is torque management? I know that a lot of people turn it off/reduce it, but I don't feel like putting a transmission in it any sooner than I will have to. Any explanation and suggestions that you have on this as well will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Ron

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GOOGLE torque management for explanation. Basically traction control for trucks. When you disable TM everything you want to get out of tranny (firmer shift, etc..) should happen. So start there before you play with shift points IMO. After that all I would do is dial in your LTFT's through data logging and injector slope adjustments, so you have some READING to do on the forum buddy. Its all pretty easy once you get the hang of running the data logs through the predator and downloading content to PC. Best of luck :drivingbad:

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