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2014 Kia Forte Turbo 1.6L TUNES NEEDED

Do you know of a future Product you would like us to make?

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Post Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:19 am

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Woot Woot! :D

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@mikel, that is great news and is definitely close enough for me to wait on the handheld. Now to see if we can get it closer to the 6 month mark lol

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X2 that is great, would love a 6 month time frame too. I have zero traction right now anyways with winter but would love to crank things up a bit next spring/summer.
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This is so hard watching everyone getting tunes while trying to be patient and hold out for the handheld lol. At least I will have more time to upgrade internals, turbo, exhaust and everything else I want to do.

Post Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:46 pm

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Still patiently waiting for the day we see the call for a Genesis then the VT and hopefully soon after the Forte sx.

Hopefully I haven't done a cross breed between the Genesis 2.0T and my Koup by then. Just think Forte Koup 2.0T RWD, hmmmm fun.

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still on this....
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I check it daily, lol. :oops:

Post Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:02 pm

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is this something y'all are still working on or has it been abandoned since? Im not too interested in having to send in my Ecu so a handheld is really the only way id like to go! :?

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The Veloster Turbo and Forte that share the same 1.6 GDI-T engine, dealers do ECU updates via OBD-II port on the cars however nobody in the aftermarket has anything implemented for an OBD-II flashing option. You have to send the ECU off to a tuner and the open it up and have to use probes on specific places on the board to flash the ECU with the modified parameters, so at a Dyno that's ECU in and out of car a bunch of times to get it dialed in.

Typical remote tuning is not an option like 100's of tuners do with Cobb, ecuflash, etc... all you end up with is your ECU shipped off, voided warranty as the dealer can tell it's been opened up, and a canned tune that have been far from optimal on the forums.

Please Diablo support help us all. It's at the point I'm going to be trading in the car because of it unfortunately because I love this damn thing. 2015 Veloster Turbo Matte Grey 6MT

Post Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:04 am

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Diablo please make this happen sooner than later.


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