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Unable to communicate with PCM .... FML

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Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:24 pm

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2013 Dodge Charger SRT8
I purchased an inTune2 about 4 months ago, plugged it up loaded tune and all was well. Took it off after two weeks and unmarried and sold it. I purchased this T1000 and connected it to the PC let it do all updates and go out to my car and as i'm trying to get into the performance tab, it will scan and fail with error: "unable to communicate with PCM..." :evil: :roll:

I checked my connection, checked the cable, checked the port on the vehicle and nothing appears off. I disconnected everything, turned on the car let it run for a few minutes. Then attempted again and same result.

I did a search and didn't find many results with solutions, someone mentioned the cigarette fuse?

:evil: :evil: ---------From hardware
T1000 - Serial # 6OAKNB0-3
Part: diablo_dcx_gas
Version: v.1r13d
Bootloader: 0.0
Hardware: Trinity
Born: 09/13/16 38608
Bus test: not done
Saved Calid: none
Saved VIN: none

-----------From DS Downloader App on PC
Auto Connect is ENABLED.
Legacy Connect is DISABLED.
A tool was found on COM5 at 57600 baud.
XML RPC commands are AVAILABLE.
XML RPC protocol version is 1.60
Tool type = 'Trinity'.
Serial number = '6OAKNB0-3'.
Part number = 'diablo_dcx_gas'.
CROM version = 'diablo_dcx_gas-1r13d 09/13/2016 07:45:56 PM boot4'.
Vehicle VIN = ''.
Vehicle Calibration = ''.
Original backup NOT saved.
Tool is Married FALSE.
Single user tool FALSE.
Using Class2 Protocol FALSE.
Calibration Updates are SUPPORTED.
A Calibration Update is NOT required.
XML RPC WILL be used for FRG transfers.
Tune compression is AUTOMATIC.
Tune compression is set to ENABLED.
Tool registration is SUPPORTED.
Tool SUPPORTS multiple ECUs.
Tool reports 1 ECUs.
Multi ECU Backups : 0
Marriage VIN :
Tool ID :
Desc :
Multi ECU Tuning : 0

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key in RUN position?
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Of course...

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I purchased a brand spanking new Trinity.
Popped out the cable from the new one and this time it didn't act funky (original attempts caused wipers to go crazy and left a CEL on)

This time it didn't give me the communication error, but instead a CAL update message (which I am now updating the tuner.)

I hope it is just a bad cable.

Will update the thread with confirmation after CAL update is done.

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Did the CAL update, reconnected the tuner with the new cable and was able to update calibration and install tune.

So verdict was the cable was damaged/bad and caused weird behaviors during being connected to OBD2 port on car and was unable to communicate with the car.

I assume the cable doesn't have warranty for a replacement?

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we'llswap it out for you, sure.
Please give us a call and we'll just ship you a new one.
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I am having the exact same problem have tried everything

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