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T1000 won't restore stock tune. Error code shown.

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Trying to update my trinity T1000 firmware. Went to put my 07 jeep srt8 back to stock. It goes through the writing tune, gets too 100% then keep getting this error. First couple times I said yes return original tune when it didn't restore I unplugged the trinity tried to start my jeep and it would idle for a few seconds then shut off. After the third unsuccessful try I gave up. It stays on now but only with key in ignition. It won't stay running if I remote start out. Error im getting is. Now im getting a bunch of fuel level and ambient sensor error codes. It will drive but tries to shut down when stopped away a light or anything. So now it's just parked.
PCM: error unlock for reflash (-1)

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please give us a call with the device powered up in the vehicle.
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