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2018 Challenger 392 - No TCM Files and Calibration Code

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Hey guys,

Having problems with both my I2 and my Trinity EX Platinum getting any transmission files to load up from the car to the tuner, and of course to the PC. Everytime I go in the VIN file I only have "PCM back up" and "last tune written", nothing on the TCM.

Also, Trinity keeps saying custom tune is loaded, but when I go to vehicle, custom tunes are empty (and it states NO CUSTOM TUNES STORED)

Been through tech support on the phone and I haven't heard from them on this in three days (I know, they get really busy). Someone suggested I try here.

NOTE: when I go into TUNING I get a calibration message saying "some ECUs aren't supported. Go to install update or continue". I have gone to ignition and installed update each time, but nothing changes.

Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks in advance!


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18 TCNM is still in the works, so thats not an issue really.
Also, the device does not come with custom tunes, custom tunes are made custom by one of our cmr tuning dealers that you work with and pay for their services.
The preloaded tunes for pcm will be there.

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I HAVE paid for a CMR. But I am no longer having this issue as Sean (Hemifevertuning) has resolved it. Please see new post, as I am now dealing with a trans corrupted error message, as soon as TCM became available.



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