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an error occurred while installing calibration update

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Got unlocked i1000. It boots fine. Also got it updated via update agent 1.0.

Connected the unit to my RAM 1500 09 5.7. Tuner asked me to download calibration update. Also done. After that brought unit to the truck and connected it. It tries to install calibration update but shows "an error occurred while installing calibration update" each time I try to do it. What should I do to proceed with it? I'd like to use one of the canned tunes from tuner.
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tough to say here. Obviously the device is not happy about something. Make sure you have good voltage.
It appears the device is up to date so I dont think updating is required here.
It may just be that its a pretty old device here. Where did it come from, have you used it previously?
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Thanks! Yes, used on 07 5.7 RAM. I bought it on ebay as used and unlocked.
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Need more help!

So first I got fully working used unlocked unit. I updated it without a problem and brought to my 09 RAM . Tuner asked for calibration update. It was also done without a problem. After that I brought tuner back to truck. It showed me an error while installing calibration update I wrote before. I tried to install calibration update several times. Trying to connect the tuner to my 09 RAM it shows "an error occurred while installing calibration update" each time I try to. So tuner is stuck in this error.

I connected tuner to my PC, it boots up and says "inTune is in recovery mode. Continue?"
I press Yes, it shows disclaimer (also press Yes) and it shows "No vehicle detected. check cable": Retry or Abort.
By pressing Abort I got unit restart back to "inTune is in recovery mode. Continue?" screen.

If I boot the tuner from PC and press "No" on "inTune is in recovery mode. Continue?" screen, than I get screen with database file info.
Pressing red pointer in upper left corner I get to tuner main menu (Tune vehicle, Scan too, Settings).
Pressing any of these 3 options I get message "Only Tune vehicle allowed"
Than I press "Continue" and get "Want to reset intune" message.

What should I do to use it again?

Info.xml is attached. Thre're some files in "runtime" folder and in "logs". There were no files before all this stuff.

Now it shows such screen after boot up (beeing connected to PC):
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