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inTune i3 - California vs. NOT California!!

Post here with any questions regarding the use of the i2 on supported Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and Pontiac applications.

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One is legal in California and the other is not! - Yea, I got that but,

What EXACTLY is the difference between the California vs. NOT California i3?

Is it just the pre-loaded tunes that they come with (the CA version only has tunes that would keep the vehicle smog legal and the other has ALL pre loaded tunes)?
If I bought the NOT CA legal version now, then later moved to CA, could I not just return the vehicle to the stock tune (or another CA legal tune) before going to a smog station?

I'm also assuming any dealer would not be able to ship the NOT CA legal version to CA and it would need to be purchased while still in another state.
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The CA version is the legal version for California... it has limited/less adjustments available to you on it, so you can't adjust certain things like you could with the Platinum/full version tool... and it can not do custom tuning...
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