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The Cheaper approach to Engine Tuners?

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Post Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:34 pm

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Hi All,

Now I’ve chalked up the first 5K miles I’m interested in getting the most from the engine of my 6.7.

I notice that swapping the air intake etc appears not to be required, and I am not wanting to swap out the exhaust just yet. All that really is left as an option is a tuner box to optimize fueling.

The main aim is to clean up the fueling, improving throttle response, economy and "drivability". Huge power gains are not first on the list.

I’d be interested in some feedback on the following products – which all appear to do something slightly different, but don’t get much forum space:

1. TS Performances Power Play MP-8 ~$360 USD, doesn’t leave any trace on the computer
2. Diablo Sport Extreme Power Puck ~$290 USD (I've found very very little about this on the Web specific to the Ford 6.7)
3. Edge Products EvoHT ~$380

You can tell I am cheap…. But I suspect I’d stretch to an Edge Evolution CS, just to allow me to see what’s going on (I assume the tunes are the same as the EvoHT) if the Edge was the way to go.

I’d love to hear feedback/ comments

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The MP8 and PowerPuck are one in the same...
The Evo HT is an actual flash programmer that can provide more thorough gains that the inline devices.

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