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DiabloSport problems with my trinity t-1000

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how do I reset my trinity DiabloSport t-1000, it is like new

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what do you mean reset it? you mean unlock it?? you have to restore the original backup stock tune back to your vehicle in order to unlock/reset it...
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Hi, One question how do I put my trinity DiabloSport T-1000 as it came, I mean it is as if he had bought new that the other person to whom it sells the same lick with his team of PC and everything as new Trinity

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If it was ever used to install a tune on a vehicle (we call that married to the vehicle), all you have to do is go to the screen that has the option to install the original tune. That will un-marry the Trinity from that vehicle, reset the Trinity, and allow you to use it on another vehicle.

If you ever connected the Trinity to a computer, while you had the DS Downloader program opened, and it updated the Trinity to a new version: You can not get that back. Once a tool is updated to new software, you can't go backwards.
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