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Jch wrote:
Just installed the performance 93 octane tune on my 2011 Ram and have a question. When trying to adjust the tune it only gives me the ability to adjust tire size and one other parameter, but what about rev limiter, gear/axel ratio, cooling fan, shift points, etc? Are these features that will be coming later or am I just not looking in the right spot?

It sounds like you are looking in the "Quick Adjust" menu, and that group of parameters is limited to those that can be adjusted without rewriting the tune. The parameters that you're looking for are in the "Modify Tune" section that you adjust as part of entering the tune itself. The outline of how to make adjustments to the parameters you're looking for is here: ... meters.pdf

billhemi3 wrote:
I don't know if this has been answered yet, but I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Hemi and I am inquiring whether or not you guys are still working on a tuner for this vehicle? Is it possibly something we can see in the future? Thank you, I await your response.


We definitely want to get that application added ASAP, but don't have a way of predicting how quickly it will happen.
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MaxDiabloSport wrote:
I'll see if i can get some Dyno numbers but no promises.

Any luck?

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I don't have baseline numbers, but on my 2012 R/T AWD Dodge Charger, with the fuse pulled so it stayed in 2WD / RWD mode, I put down 328hp on the 93 octane tune. All other parts on the car were stock. 3rd gear pull, 19" stock AWD Wheels. Mine has 3.06 gears due to it being the AWD model.

I know I got my 0-60 times while in AWD mode (dead on consistent) from 5.6 seconds stock, down to 5.1 seconds on the 93 tune on a 23 degree day. Again, all things being stock.


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I have a 2013 Chrysler SRT in Australia, will there be support for this car soon. I updated the trinity but I get a code when I plug it into the car saying its not supported.
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Just got the new trinity for my 2011 ram. filled up with high octane and gave it the 93 program.???? Cant really feel any difference.

It still feels like it has a delay in the throttle. How can i get more power out of this????? PLEASE MORE POWER

Then tried the mileage boost program, EXCELLENT VERY Impressed with what the truck saves on gas now-3 to 4 gallons a mile.

I do have a cold air from Dodge speed shop with MBRP exhaust planning on headers next.

Thanks again :drivingbad:

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I have a 2011 Wrangler Rubicon and when I try to enter my tire size it tells me tune not saved. And I cant find the tuner for programing the locking diffs?

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It should be accepting the tire size despite the failed message :)
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Has there been any progress on the 2013 SRT Jeep update? I made mistake of ordering a Trinity not knowing that 2013 still wasn't avail. It's half way through 2013 and the 2014's are nearly landed here as as well. Yet we don't have a way to tune the 2013 still.. :(
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In desperation I spent extra money and bought the only temp tune solution I could find, the good'ol POS Hypertech for my 2013. Just so I could wring out a bit more from the bwoody true CAI and 87mm TB from Muscle Motorsport. True to form day 3 and every cold start since I've had ETC warning till car warms up. Pleeeease for the the love of god Diablosport, extract a digit and get this 2013 tune out so I can pull my still packaged up Trinity off the shelf and start using it instead of this historically documented hyper'crap' piggyback (pity they don't make them like the europeans make piggybacks- that actually work well) I'm using as a piss poor holdover. The way it's going I'll end up in a 2014 before the 2013 ECU software is available and Trinity will remain in it's packet! :roll:
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I noticed that there is not a setting for adjusting the computer after changing gears in the 2011 wrangler. Any idea when that will be coming.

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Guess not..

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Hi I'm new I bought a diablo trinity and was wondering how to I get my trinity marred to my car i have a 2014 chrysler 300S does it marry it once I choose a tune? Would apreshiate the help thanks

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once you install a tune and the trinity saves the original backup stock tune to itself, it will then be locked/married to your car..
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Sounds good would I have to save the stock tune on my computer or is it safe on the Diablo tune?

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Great responds.
Thanks for sharing the interesting info posts.
I am new member around here. :drivingbad:


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