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S/C Wrangler and T1000 issue

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Post Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:07 pm

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i bought a 08 Wrangler JKU with a Ripp supercharger installed on it. When purchased it did not have the tuner with it so i bought a T1000 but when i try to get it to marry it gives a error saying there is already a tune written. I know that the S/C kit came with a tune and the Jeep is running fine but I have a copy of the 3.3 tune which i believe is the latest tune that Ripp put out that i would like to load. I also tried to update the tool and load the tune into the unit through DS downloader but since i dont have a backup file it wont let me do anything with it. i did try to do a quick adjust to the jeep as a test and it worked fine. Any advice?


Post Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:52 am

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My honest to goodness, no holds barred advice?
Dont mess with it. If it runs good now, leave it alone!

You'll have to go through the process if getting a stock file loaded to the pcm, then let the trinity read out the stock tune, then send that to ripp and ask them to make you a new tune (no clue how you can have a copy of the tune now, but if you do, its not going to work on your new Trinity), then load that to the Trinity then to the Jeep, all to get right back to where you are now.
Not to mention the myriasd of possible issues that could be introduced here.

My advice is to use the Trinity as a monitor, leave the tune the way it is, and enjoy.

If you really want to proceed, give us a call and we can get the trinity to load a stock file to the Jeep. Keep in mind that at that point, it is no longer driveable until it is retuned.

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