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Post Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:06 pm

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Is it possible that the Trinity if not working properly can corrupt files as they are being received or loaded? I ask because I am having a heck of a time tuning my car and my tuner is saying the behaviors are not possible based on the revisions he is making. One of the behaviors is complete loss of throttle control in park and neutral, too even a run away throttle. Once the car lost the ability to turn off and I had to remove the engine management fuse, reloaded the tune and everything was fine. I have been seeing some odd things and the person doing the tuning is highly respected so I doubt he is making the errors that are creating the behavior I am seeing with the car. I have chased down all possible mechanical issues

If it is possible how do I fix the issue? Or is it time to upgrade?

Some of the items I can see are. On our 2015 challenger I can see intake air temps on the dash,but the temp reading in the Trinity is different. When setting AFR upper and lower limit, my input values don't always stay at where I set them. Other times they do but its hit or miss if they scale correctly. I know my settings are correct as I use the same settings in a different vehicle with the same AFR gauge and a trinity. Lastly is the tuner allows me to change the fan settings, but it doesnt actually make the changes in the tune when loaded.

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