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Mafia throws a wrench code on my Mustang gt 2006

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This weekend at the track half way down the 1/4 my gt basically quit running.

In the pits the car would hardly hold idle sputtering with black smoke, rich etc. teh wrench code came up in the cars diagnostic center.

how we got the car running again was by disconnecting the mafia from the maf. the car would run and I limped home. the car would also run if I connected the maf directo the factory ford harness and bypassed the mafia.

It would seem that the mafia is defective in some way.

I can reconnect it to my wiring harness...what should the output voltage read?


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I dont have numbers off my head, but ideally it attenuates the voltage signal to the PCM, so it should be less with the Mafia than without it.
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