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Post Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:13 pm

I just ran into some problems with a mass air i bought. The way it was calibrated caused my car to surge and stall. It also caused ALOT of detonation. I was thinking about going the mafia route.

Will i need to buy a predator tuner aswell?
I have 30# injectors. What do i have to do to make them work with the mafia?
Can i do this myself or does this have to be dyno tuned?
Can I use my stock MAF?

Im running a powerdyne blower 6psi, 78mm throttle body with a 255 lph pump. I want to install my 30# injectors but my mass air isnt set up right for them.

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Mafias require custom tuning yes, but I have to wonder if you really need one withthat blower, they do not move much air and I have never seen that blower peg a good meter...
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