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2003 Ford Harley-Will a Mafia help with my current mods?

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Predator U7158
2003 Ford Black/Silver Harley
I was wanting to know if the Mafia will help my truck gain more performance with my current mods? I have a Predator custom tune from LFP, Acufab throttle body, cold air intake, ram air, 4lb. lower pulley, 2.8 sc pulley, and boost-by-pass. I would appreciate help on whether a mafia would be a good addition to invest in. Thanks!!!

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The mafia is a great addition only if you are out of range on the stock mass air flow sensor. It does not help produce more horsepower but it will increase the usable range of the maf sensor. The best way to know is to datalog RPM and MAFV and make a blast up the road, then replay the log to see if the MAFV is getting close to 5V(max allowed). I try to keep them under 4.7-4.75V in the heat of the summer so they have some room when it gets cold(denser air) in the winter. On the coldest day of the winter I would feel safe at 4.85-4.9V With the mods you have I wouldn't doubt you are on the bordeline of needing one and if you do, you will need to get a custom tune to run it.
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