2007 blown mustang gt... MAFia burned up

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2007 blown mustang gt... MAFia burned up

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So on my way home from college, Im stopped at a light. I smell burning plastic, and then check my gauges. Sure enough, the wrench light is on. Pull off the side of the road and the car dies...

Pop the hood and the MAFia is missing the center part and has smoke coming out of it. Parts of the wire are burned too... Disconnected it, and it took out the stock MAF connector, coming from the engine harness, too.

Car throws P300 and P102...

SO I had to tow the car home...

Has this ever happened before? I had it zipped tied away from all the hot parts. I dont know how it happened, I always drive like grandpa ever since getting blown. It was purchased earlier this year, though Im not the original buyer...

Also how do I replace the stock connector? Does Ford sell just the connector?
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RE: 2007 blown mustang gt... MAFia burned up

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You should be able to buy the connector from any Motorcraft parts seller. I think Diablo might still sell pigtails for the newer maf connectors. I've worked on alot of cars with Mafia's and I have seen an extremely low failure rate. The few I have personally witnessed had gotten water inside. It is VERY important to mount the Mafia somewhere that it will not get wet and make sure the devil head is plugging the hole in the center.
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