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New To Tuning- Got a MAFia for my bday...HELP!

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I received a MAFia for my birthday, and quite frankly, I'm a bit unsure if/when to use it. I'm totally new to using electronics (my last car had a manual choke carburetor...) Gotta learn sometime, right?
I have a '97 F-150 5.4 Triton. The only big change made so far is I upgraded to 24lb injectors from 21lb, and put on a performance exhaust (headers, performance cats, etc). This, of course, is throwing a rich code.
I was told that the stock MAF can not compensate for the increased fuel because it's maxed out, and that putting a MAFia in the line will correct that.
So, my questions are:
Is correcting this as simple as the MAFia? Do I need to take it somewhere to be custom tuned before putting it on the MAF? or do I even need the MAFia at all?
Also, is there a custom connector, or do I have to manually splice it into the wires?

Thanks in advance! (and sorry if I sound stupid. Everyone's a n00b once, right?) :)

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No, the mafia is not the solution.
You need some custom tuing to dial inthe injectors, but they are not adding any power, so the stock injectors may be the best bet.

The mafia is designed for forced induction set ups to extend the range of the MAF.
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