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MAF voltage and load values spike down at 5600 RPM.

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The car in question is a 2001 Cobra with a MAFIA set at position 2 and connected to a 90MM Ford lighting MAF. The issue at hand is that the A/F under load goes lean and the car pings at throttle tip in past 3500RPM's. Second, the A/F ratio varies from 11:1 to 18:00 under part throttle, deceleration and non boost conditions.

In an attempt to resolve the pinging and A/F fluctuations, I logged the following values: Maf, load and RPM and got this:

[Load] [MAF] [RPM]
90.1% 3.63Volts 4758RPM
97.3% 3.80Volts 5193RPM
101.3% 3.80 Volts 5690RPM
81.2% 1.99 Volts 5690RPM
14.9% 1.61 volts 5281RPM

Could a defective Mafia cause this?
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Yeah, Id say a bad mafia could cause this, easy enough to find out by removing it.
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