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Which Mafia for 99' stang using 05' slot maf?

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I have ordered a new ford slot maf and need to know which unit to buy so that the factory harness will plug in to the mafia and then the mafia would plug into the new maf. I want to use the iat sensor that in the new maf also. Also, what is the difference between MAF Interface and MAF Interface Adapter? My car is a 99' mustang gt.

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Does the f7324 have the same internal circuitry as the F7373? I have the f7373 and would like to wire in my iat wires into my stock maf plug in the empty #1 and #6 pin locations. I have a new pigtail to go to the slot style maf that I am going to replace the mafia plug with. I just need to know if the iat circuitry is there inside the f7373.

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