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89 coupe w 32valve 4.6 swap. lean condition

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i have an 89 coupe that runs lean it doesnt pop . due to the throttle body being on the back of the engine its hard to get the tube on it and get it to seal %100. i belive its sealed as best as possible. its a naturaly aspirated motor for now. plan on in stalling nitrous in few weeks. im just wondering if i can use the mafia to trick the mass airflow sensor in to richening the mixture.i feel that at wot the car is sucking un metered air . im just looking for a quick temporary fix . i am going to fab a custom intake tube etc.. for it its just a pain to get to the throttlebody w this engine swap. is there any way i can enrichen the mixture more than 5% with the mafia? thanks

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I've seen lots of 4V/fox swaps, never with the TB in the back on the intake, not sure what you are referring to...

Using a Mafia for what you want is not an option, you really need to fix the issues with the leaks first.
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