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89 mustang gt. on3 70mm turbo. ford 05+ maf. 47# injectors. 255 walbro pump. i pegged my meter at 4100rpm with only 4#'s boost. part throttle. 1100kg/hr peg. but it was mad rich so i still gotta lean out the curve, which is gonna reduce my overall volt range. either way, i hear the 05+ fords go to 6.5 volts? i think with the MAFia i still might peg? unsure what the transfer function looks like past 5 volts but if i can only see a 20% increase in range im thinking i just need a vmp hpx meter or similar. ideas?

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the Mafia will allow you to go to 600 rwhp or so with that MAF.

An HPX or protube is not a terrible idea.

I have a buddy with a 3" protube on a 94 GT, and the MAF looks to be able to support up to 900-1000 rwhp before we'll need a Mafia.
Another Fox body with an 03 Cobra/T76 swap is using the hpx, and its at 745 rwhp and only getting to about 4V on the MAF with no Mafia.
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