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tire size problem and tranny shift point not working 05 jgc

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2005 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.7
i cannot change the tire size in any of the tunes that are on the preditor.. i also cannot change anything with the transmission shift points or anything related to that.. the reason i bought this tuner was the fact that i could change the tire size and i cannot do that.. i have 24 inch rims on my truck and well you can see why i was looking to change the ire size.. please help me asap .. thank you.. Jon

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i have been on hold for over a half an hr and it tells me that its alot quicker to post on the forums and i did that and still no response.. please help.. thank you!! Jon

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This is an issue we are workin on a fix for, as soon as I get a local vehicle in here we'll have an update to make it work.
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I have a 2008 Grand Cherokee and have the same issue with changing the tire size. Would love to have a fix for this.

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