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Where can I get this tuned/what product is it?

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Hi, I have the diablosport chip shown in the pictures below I am just wondering which one it is as well as where I would be able to buy the connecting wires for it, mine got lost. Lastly, is there anyone around the Ottawa, Canada area who works with Diablo products who would be able to reflash this chip for me? Thanks in advance for the help.
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thats a revolution chip for older 89-04 style ford pcms, it can be tuned by ford CMR tuners that have a chip burner.
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Thanks for your quick reply Mike. By any chance would you happen to know of any tuners within around Ottawa or even within Ontario (Canada) who may have the ability to do this. Also is there any way I could purchase the LED and connector set necessary for this chip from DiabloSport or do you know of anyone who sells it online etc. Or is there perhaps a way I could fabricate my own if there are none floating around. Thanks very much for your assistance!

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