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Trinity infinite loop selecting vehicle.

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Post Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:24 pm

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I recently installed a modified stock tune on my Charger R/T. I drove home from work after installing the tune and went to change a couple parameters. When i went to the performance tab to reinstall a new tune i got a "This tool was used to flash a '2005-2010 Dodge/Crysler/Jeep truck&amp: SUV" with Modified stock Tune". The original Backup must be restored to that vehicle before tuning another vehicle is possible. It gives me a "back" or "more information" option. When i click on the more information option it displays the VIN number for my charger r/t. If i were to go to options, troubleshooting, and try to restore the backup it tells me the device is not married or there is no original backup saved. When the select vehicle screen comes up it lets me select a vehicle then once i accept to install the tune, it restarts then asks me to select a tune again. It then is a infinite loop and wont let me do anything. Does anyone know how to fix this and if there is a way to update the software to straighten it out. It wont let me update because the original tune is still on the trinity.

Thanks in advance.

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Now that i think back, i may have pulled the plug before i had to turn the key off, turn the key on, etc. I am able to get into the demo mode and try to backup the original but the only option that might work would be the force backup. It says i need to get a dealer password to force the original backup. Is this something you would be able to provide so i can drive the car while i send the unit in for repair? I did connect the trinity to my computer and it says the original backup is still on the trinity.

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yeah, you can't do anything now until you call diablo tech support.. Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm eastern time...
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Ok, i will call tomorrow and see if that will fix the problem.

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