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Canned 91 CAI vs. 93 CAI on MSRT (running 93)

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Hope this is the right place to post this. (and I will do my best to explain my question properly).

I just purchased an 07 Magnum SRT8 with K&N CAI that came with a Predator "can'd tune for CAI and 91 octane". (this is sellers description).

I live in Louisiana, and we have 93 octane pretty much everywhere here. Would it be preferable to re-tune using the Predator's included stock 93/CAI tune, or leave the canned tune and run 93 on the 91 tuning? It's running fine now, I just wasn't sure is A - it's OK to run 93 on the 91 tune? (from what I am reading that should be oK?), and would it be worth it to move up to the 93/CAI tune on the Predator but lose the canned version?.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


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the 93 tune will likely add a bit more power than the 91 tune with 93 octane fuel.
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Thanks! I am new to all of this (that's apparent, I'm sure). Looking forward to possibly upgrading to an inTune in the near future. I'll drive it with the current tune for a bit before moving it up to the 93 tune. (so I can better appreciate the difference). Much appreciated!

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