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Post Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:08 am

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USB-to-Serial cables are fickle beasts, and a surprising percentage of our support requests come from folks who are having trouble getting them to work. This forum topic should help many of you who are having issues, depending upon which cable you bought.

Before Purchasing a Cable

Not all cables work with all versions of Windows. You need to know what version of Windows you are running, and then you need to choose a cable that supports that operating system. And by supports, I mean that there are drivers available for that cable on that version of Windows.

Windows 98 (SE, SE2) - most cables support.
Windows XP (32-bit versions) - most cables support.
Windows XP (x64 version) - most cables do not support.
Windows Vista (32-bit versions) - most cables do not support.
Windows Vista (x64 versions) - most cables do not support.

Cables typically do not have much information printed on them. When you receive your cable, keep the documentation, packaging, and especially the drivers CD so that you can identify your cable in the future.

If you have an x64 version of Windows (XP or Vista) then you might want to go to your local Radio Shack and ask them for an appropriate cable.

Installation Notes

You need to install the drivers before you plug the cable into your computer for the first time. If your cable came with a CD, install that FIRST by powering up your computer, inserting the CD into your CD drive, and following the instructions on screen. Only then, after the drivers are installed, should you plug your cable in for the first time.

If you did not follow the above steps, no fear. Unplug your cable, restart your computer, and then follow the above steps.

If your cable did NOT come with a CD, then you will need to find the drivers online. There should be a website listed on the packaging or in the instruction manual. Go there, pick the correct drivers for your version of Windows, and then install the drivers.

My cable installed fine, and it appears as a COM port under Control Panel -> System, but it still won't work!

We have seen cases in-house where the incorrect driver will allow the cable to show up in the control panel. The cable can receive data, the Hyper Terminal test (see the Help file) succeeds, but it cannot send data. This is the toughest case to diagnose, and the cable will not work until the correct drivers are installed. This is NOT a problem with your Predator. Read the notes below, and see if you can find a more appropriate driver for your cable.

I looked in the Help file for the Hyper Terminal test, but I cannot find that program in my Windows Vista?

Microsoft inexplicably removed Hyper Terminal from Vista. However, the company that used to license it to Microsoft will allow you to download a Vista compatible version for personal use. See HERE.

I threw out the packaging. I threw out the instructions. I don't have the CD. What now?

Unfortunately this is the situation for most of the support calls we get. There are dozens of cables out there, and very few of them say anything on the plastic jacket about what kind of cable they are. All we can do is make some guesses about what kind of cable they are. Read the section below to see if any of this helps:

I bought my cable at Radio Shack...

1. Follow this link to the Radio Shack website.
2. Use the pictures to identify which cable you have.
3. Click on the cable description to go to the information page for that cable.
4. Verify that your cable is compatible with your version of Windows. If not, you will need a different cable!
5. Click on the Product Support tab at right.
6. Download and install the appropriate drivers!

I bought my cable from DiabloSport...
OR I recall something about "Prolific" or "PL-2303" on the packaging...

We have three driver files available for downloading:

1. Sewell XP Drivers
2. Prolific XP/98 Drivers
3. Prolific Vista Drivers
4. Prolific XP 64-bit Drivers (untested)

If your cable is blue with the word SEWELL imprinted on the side, and you have Windows XP or 98, try 1 above. If that fails, try 2 above.

If your cable is blue with the word SEWELL imprinted on the side, and you have Windows Vista, try 3 above. If that fails, try 1. If that fails, try 2.

If your cable does NOT have SEWELL imprinted on the side, and you have Windows XP or 98, try 2 above.

If your cable does NOT have SEWELL imprinted on the side, and you have Windows Vista, try 3 above. If that fails, try 2 above.

If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows (XP or Vista), try 4 above.

Nothing above applies to me, I have a different cable...

Google is your friend. Try to recall everything you can about where you bought the cable and what it was named, and use Google to find appropriate drivers. If you call DiabloSport in this situation this is exactly what we are going to ask you and all we are going to be able to do for you.
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Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:35 pm

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Here is a link to the Dynex USB to Serial adapter drivers: ...
Christy High

Post Wed May 21, 2008 2:53 pm

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Here is a cable that supposedly supports 64-bit systems, both XP and Vista.
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Post Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:45 pm

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If you run into a -10 error on the driver install, try the attached instructions.
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