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Unable to get VIN PCM

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Post Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:28 pm

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I've looked at a few threads here already with the same issue but I have not been able to find a solution for my problem. I called in this morning to get some help but was advised to update my tuner to the latest file but I have been unable to get the ds downloader to see my tuner. My computer is not picking up the trinity on the com ports but it is powering up the tuner. Please advise!!!!

Post Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:38 pm

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please install the driver here thentry again: ... .3.1.0.exe

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Post Tue May 14, 2019 9:14 pm

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Mike, so I went to pop my stock program data into my charger because I was taking it to the stealership and have received this message. “Unable to get VIN PCM. Please make sure the key is On. Do NOT start engine.”

So I thought maybe it needed to be updated. I went to update my tuner and it told me that there is a file written onto the tuner and that it would be erased if I updated it. Last thing I want is to not have my original tune back.

I got a new engine last year from the dealership so it’s still under warranty. I know if I take it in with the 91 tune it will void my warranty.

Any ideas?

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