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Trinity T1000 behaves weird (Resolved)

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Post Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:39 pm

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Hello guys,

I'm stuck with my tool when I wanted to apply some tune to my second truck.
I used it for 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 first, then restored the original backup and wanted to play with 2013 Dodge ram 1500.
However I was unable to do that - the tool asking for calibration update. I've made this update and wanted to update CROM also, but Trinity says it has some backup that should be restored.
I've connected trinity to my first truck and it says it's not married, however I can see the VIN number of my truck in information.
I went home then and tried to download the original backup from tool, but there was an error (see attachment).

The information I've got using PC:

Auto Connect is ENABLED.
Legacy Connect is DISABLED.
A tool was found on COM3 at 57600 baud.
XML RPC commands are AVAILABLE.
XML RPC protocol version is 1.60
Tool type = 'Trinity'.
Serial number = '6JYII64-1'.
Part number = 'dcx_gas'.
CROM version = 'dcx_gas-1r13e 08/31/2015 12:38:09 PM boot4'.
Vehicle VIN = '1C6RR7HT5ES175562'.
Vehicle Calibration = ''.
Original backup SAVED.
Tool is Married TRUE.
Single user tool FALSE.
Using Class2 Protocol FALSE.
Calibration Updates are SUPPORTED.
A Calibration Update is REQUIRED.
XML RPC WILL be used for FRG transfers.
Tune compression is AUTOMATIC.
Tune compression is set to ENABLED.
Tool registration is SUPPORTED.
Tool SUPPORTS multiple ECUs.
Tool reports 1 ECUs.
Multi ECU Backups : 0
Marriage VIN : 1C6RR7HT5ES175562
Tool ID :
Desc :
Multi ECU Tuning : 0

Could you please help me to figure out what happens? :crashing:
Diablo Error.bmp
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Posts: 4
I had to write custom tune again and then revert the backup. Only after that it seems I've got complete revert and now tool is unmarried.

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