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Will A Diablo Tuner Help Me And Which One?

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Ok so I have a 06 Silverado 1500 With the HO aluminum block 5.3L. I just finished a full engine rebuild 2 days ago pretty much stock but I put a mild cam in it. Whole engine is OE except for a Melling MTC-7 cam and the springs that they say to use with them. I got this extremely mild cam due to it being advertised that you need "no computer programming" when using this cam. So I get it started up and it runs great till it warms up. At warm idle it goes in and out of rough idle at 500 rpms, and my snap-on scan tool will pick up random misfires on all cylinders when it idles rough. As soon as you touch the gas misfires are gone and it seems to run good. also on acceleration uphill it seems to bog. Now i'm thinking that its all due to the cam, and the comp is not knowing what to do with the extended duration/larger lift so its kinda just running at a default/safe setting as to not damage the engine. Will a prefab tune fix/improve this situation? And would one of these tuners be ok to use considering my no longer stock cam? Or would I need to use something to custom tune for this issue?

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With a cam I'd definitely recommend a custom tune.
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Not uncommon to see misfires with a cam install....gonna have to have it custom tuned assuming the rest of the install is up to par.

IMO a cam swap that doesn't require tuning either isn't worth the effort, or isn't going to work without some tuning....
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if it's that small of a cam to where they say it does not require tuning, that it will work fine with stock tune, then it should not be causing misfires.. it's not big enough.. I've done a lot of "small" cam tunes, and people have not had any misfires with their small cams - it normally just needs a bump up in idle settings... so something else is wrong somewhere...

So If you have misfires, that's a physical/mechanical problem.. Check spark plugs, plug wires, make sure plugs fully installed.. make sure no cracked ceramics on any plugs, make sure plug wires are fully snapped on to plugs & coils, get a can of CRC Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner and clean the MAF sensor, and make sure it's re-installed facing the correct direction...
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