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Intune3 stuck at 100%

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Post Sun Mar 24, 2019 10:25 am

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So I loaded my custom tune no problem For the ECM.
TCM shows writing tune and it went to 100%.

It's been sitting there for the last 15 mins.

No errors. Tool is up to date, did that 1st thing.

I know the last step is the export process then it's complete.

Should I turn off truck unplug the intune and try starting truck? Is that last step important or just a export for log file write?

It's odd because the 1st time I loaded the custom TCM tune a few weeks ago I had zero issues and it's the same tune, only the ECM was adjusted and that loaded fine.


2016 Silverado (6 speed)

Post Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:02 am

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Issue resolved. By Lew.

This is what worked under my circumstance which was writing custom TCM tune was at 100% and stuck there.

So FYI for members.

You have to unplug tool, start truck I let it run for 3 mins. Turn off truck plug tool back in.

Tool will say it's in recovery mode, click yes to restore the backup to the truck once completed the tool will reboot.
Once the tool boots back up then you can load back the custom ECM and TCM tunes.

Thanks Lew!

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