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Vehicle not in database

Predator support for Dodge diesel vehicles

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Post Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:58 am

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When I purchased the Predator used, and plugged it in to tune it gave me this message: "YOUR VEHICLE IS NOT IN OUR DATABASE. CONTACT YOUR DEALER FOR A FREE UPDATE." Then gave me a CAL-ID number. If I purchased it from the previous owner, does this mean it is vin locked?

Also, when I looked in the programmer, it only had one tune in it. The 100hp performance tune.

Any help is appreciated.

Post Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:27 am

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My vehicle is a 2006 Cummins 3500 6spd transmission

Predator u7131

Post Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:23 pm

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you will need to update this tool to the latest version from our website.
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