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Predator/puck boost fool?

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Post Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:39 pm

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I was under the assumption that the extreme puck did boost fooling, but as I've read it only fools if the puck is turned all the way up? I run the stack perf tune and the puck is generally all the way down. I noticed that on the highway the more I play with it, that on the stack tune puck all the way down when I get on it the truck will initially from 60-70 mph take off like a rocket for about 3 sec. After that I'd feels like you let off a bit and kind of flatten out. I can let off and it will take off again. I have a mechanical boost gauge that will stop at about 30-32psi, acts like it's defueling. So... does the puck fool or not ? I have a elect fooler and everyone's description of the order it goes in doesn't make sense to me. Does the fooler plug into the map sensor then to the puck then to the trucks harness or is the fooler supposed to be the last thing from the map sensor in between the puck and the truck harness? Thanks for the help

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