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Extreme black smoke tune for 2002 7.3L F350

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Hey everyone.
This looks like a great forum community.
Obviously, I'm new here and I'm asking my first question.

As the title says I would like to know if there is an EXTREME black smoke tune for my 7.3L F350. I do not have a 4inch exhaust since I'm pretty positive that would be asked. Right now I'm running the stock 85hp tune and my predator was purchased in 2003 if that helps. So if anyone has any info on an extreme black smoke tune, to get more smoke, Please let me know!

Thanks everyone!

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There are no extreme smoke tunes for that year/make/model at the moment though us, But you may be able to contact via email for a custom tune.
No, i don't work here.

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Have you tried the 100 HP tune?
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