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Went with DPF Delete!!!

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Post Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:52 am

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Well, I finally had to give up. Couldnt wait any longer. Switched to a different programer with DPF delete.

Ran 4" from the downpipe back with the muffler included in the package. Install took about 4 hours for me and my co-worker. Would have loved to keep my predator, but the 9t13g crom still didnt work with the truck, and we needed other options to boost our MPG's and drivability.

I dont want to promote someone elses product on this forum, but would be more than happy to answer questions via email.

If you know of anyone who wants a programmer for the truck. U7164 I believe, send me an email. Ill be putting it up on craigslist. Shoot me an offer.

(Oh, driving through the city on I10, the lie o meter was reading 17-19 so there has to be some improvement compared to the previous 10-12. )

To the Diablo Support team:
THank you for your help thus far. You were quick to answer my emails and phone calls. Nothing negative to say against you. Again, we simply couldnt afford to wait any longer.

Post Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:50 am

Sorry to hear you switched programmers, But WE at Diablosport fully comply with ALL EPA regulations regarding emissions. A simple email tune from one of our MANY CMR dealers could have taken care of that delete.

Now if we are just talking about the U7164 tool, Yes, it is taking long to get you, our end user a crom file. Keep in mind that we are having to build each new calibration with tunes. We will have an update for you guys and as soon as we have it ready, we will let you know.

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